About Us

Meet our fresh warm baked Stroopwafels. Wonderen Stroopwafels is a new bakery coffee concept in the American market, founded in 2022.

Our mission is to introduce everyone to our delicious irresistible Stroopwafels. But what is a Stroopwafel without a cup of good high-quality coffee or tea? Of course, we’ve thought of that too! In addition to our delicious Stroopwafels, we also sell the best private-label premium coffee, so you can perfectly warm up your Stroopwafel on top of your cup.

A close-up of two hands holding a Wonderen Stroopwafel, each wafel generously topped with colorful treats. The left one is covered with a vibrant mix of multi-colored coated chocolates, while the right one is sprinkled with white mini marshmallows and crumbled biscuit. They are presented in branded Wonderen Stroopwafels sleeves with elegant gold detailing. In the blurred background, the warm ambiance of the store with its lighting and other customers is visible.

The perfect gift

At our local locations, we offer the fresh, warm-baked Stroopwafels with unique toppings, coffee, and tea. Not in the area? We sell our prepackaged Stroopwafels online, too. Great for a high tea or as a thank-you gift, each item in our shop comes beautifully wrapped in festive packaging. Whether you stop by in person or order online, you’ll love the Stroopwafels you’ll receive.

The history of the Stroopwafel

Our story begins in the Netherlands, where historically Stroopwafels were only sold on local street markets. It was here where the idea emerged to offer these little Miracles to customers around the world, so everyone can enjoy them. Crossing the Atlantic, our traditional recipe of Stroopwafels made it to the city of New York. This is where our story begins – from the old cobblestone canals of Amsterdam to the bustling City.

Wonderen Stroopwafels opened its first location in the historical building of Grand Central Terminal. We offer freshly baked Stroopwafels dipped in delicious chocolate and sprinkled with your choice of different toppings. This, together with a selection of hand picked premium coffee, gives our customers something enjoy at our stores, on the go, or to take home.